Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the first rewrite...,

  1. The first order of realities are non-experiential unidirectional and have some value there of as an idea of structures within first order realities that become.
  2. The second order of realities are lucid in their dynamics but based on Pythagorean musics and two dimensional forms.
  3. The third actual order of realities are more then realize by themselves and finds onelessness in all directions.
  4. The fourth order of realities are given in unknown temporal alignments between abstract influences of thoughts and non-thoughts commonly known as trinity-sync-paradoxical acts in life.
  5. When reaching the fifth order of realities you and you(pl) as well are not ready for them and the next newer levels of realities until the fifth order of realities are measured at direct objective values inside their give experience of idea structures.

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