Saturday, December 23, 2006

sun dried green house effections

son of snow low and behold there comes less each passing day when we find we can eat the snow that falls like the sky into our mind of ever present now that the wonders of love and life become none to find where we go to go where we find to still remember that we are in front of the line of minds when there were so freely believing in ourselves after there were more but before there now won third of what is between the two

I am the same as you::I am different from you::I am equal to you::I am not equal to you or anything that is .. I am everything that there is":::" I am no different then the paint on the wall or the cars that drive by the door slams shut like a clock that has struck the morning to noon divided time line ...


what is in within the confines of realities themselves

The substances of none disclosure eroding away down the road of life into the abyss with less than before we have more and still that is not what I want because that is what I always get for the time being.

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am I non I am

sliding into dencities of life and lifelessnesses being and not knowing the effect of and cause by selflessness non humble non prideful non loved and loving the love that is above the fear of loves life

till there were edits

but then there are these things of being inside life as past future ideas remain instable slides inside of my mind and yours saying what is next is next to saying what was when there it is still finding itself alive again...