Tuesday, July 10, 2007

[sb118-constitution] h92o/Mr Holograph ensign/(time operative/agent) dream in a dream

From: h92o@aol.com
Subject: [sb118-constitution] h92o/Mr Holograph ensign/(time operative/agent) dream in a dream

((dreams within dreams))

::Walking between the galaxies - in effect - looking for the super-form of sub-specific-space elementals that there are.? There becomes a lost epic story in a story where there is structure with-out and with-in their element of surprise.::

H92o: Mr. Holograph inform the HALL of our decent in to infinite energies.

Mr. Holograph: What signature and time stamp?

H92o: Just a generic explination that we are ok so far.? oO Time stamp would be negative Oo -Just give them the time differential equation for the present perfect door we are entering ...

Mr. Holograph: That might be the time signature for us but they will not understand for years to come.

H92o: I guess that is neither here nor there.? Engage the resonate - ion power for force creations.

Mr. Holograph: But, suppose that does not work right?? ::as he initiates resonance creations.::

H92o: Then there is no way for us to return.? ::adjusting realities' angular fastener - as is necessary ::

Mr. Holograph: There never was.

H92o: Why the negative & glum subroutine?? :: Leveling off the dimensional field anchor ::

Mr. Holograph: How attached are you to these trinametrical force fields?

H92o:? Do you always answer questions with another question?? :: selecting the various anchor structural symmetries ::

Mr Holograph: Why?, you just did the same thing. :: forming newer containment alignings for the ethereal H92o ::

H92o: Remember, we are one, yet two, but forming the third state as well.

Mr. Holograph: We are also loosing field dynamical echo dampeners.

H92o: I would think that by now they are unnecessary.? :: replacing the dampeners with trifold eyelets and neo stationary anchors ::

Mr. Holograph: Go on, do your best "I know" speech but you will not know if it will work this time.? :: Intercepting and decoding the reply from the HALL::

H92o: What is the reply from HALL?? Who replied?

Peg:=//\\=Operational controls are necessary in the field of reasonable doubt when engaging the
parameter of the notion in that there could be three forms to solve within
the trinametrical dimensions.? Here things seem to be hanging up on the
binary systems.=//\\=

H92o: =//\\= What of the protein processing devices,. Peg? =//\\=

Peg:=//\\=No signals, and still no warning of loss of comm exchanges, and =/\= Switching to decode =/\= or but there are hard force transformational definitions =//\\=

Mr. Holograph: We lost what was there for the moment.

H92o:? We can never return to the HALL station.

Mr. Holograph: I have lost the infinite power envelop field.? What is next?

H92o: Re-create their realities again.

Mr. Holograph: Wakie, wakie, time to rise, and see where we left things.

((waking to normal dream states))

H92o: Am I the Operative and you are the agent or vice a versa?

Mr. Holograph: never mind.? Your dream is ending ...

H92o ethereal entity
ensign/time operative
Constitution - B
Mr. Holograph - virtual entity
ensign/time agent
Constitution - B

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